neeto Marketing Updates for October

T Sudish Nair

By T Sudish Nair

on November 1, 2023

In October, neeto continued focusing on increasing brand visibility and user engagement. In our marketing updates, we will provide an overview of the marketing initiatives undertaken during October, along with some key metrics and highlights. Let's dive in!

Latest on the blogs

We published a few blogs this time, and besides sharing blogs about the products we are working on, we also started a YouTube series called neeto Design Decisions, where we will be posting content about the design decisions we have made while building neeto products.

Here are some blogs we published in October:

neetoGit got workflows user-interface and workflows conditions

neetogit got workflows user interface

neetoGit is a GitHub productivity enhancement tool by neeto. It brings a better user experience for assigning issues to someone and tagging issues with tags. In the last edition, we mentioned that neetoGit got GitHub integration, easy assigning of issues, tracking status and more.

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Introducing neeto's New YouTube Series: neeto Design Decisions

Introducing neeto design decision youtube series

We're thrilled to announce the launch of a new series on YouTube called neeto Design Decisions. At neeto, we are building many products, and each product presents its own design challenges. Upon discovering the issue, we discuss it internally and come to a solution. During the discussions, we look at various trade-offs, ask folks what they think about it…

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Here are some stats from our blogs

  • Total blog subscribers: 126
  • Number of new subscribers added in the last month: 1 (down 85%)
  • Total views on different blogs in the last month: 1170 (up 10%)

LinkedIn updates

  • Total number of followers on LinkedIn: 481
  • New followers added in the last month: 38 (up 2.7%)
  • Number of page views in the last month: 652 (down 20%)
  • Unique Visitors in the last month: 216 (down 22%)

Youtube channel metrics

  • Total number of subscribers: 29
  • New followers added in the last month: 16 (up 700%)
  • Total number of channel views in the last month: 183 (up 663%)
  • Total number of watch hours in the last month: 4.5 hours ( up 666%)

Website metrics

  • Total number of page views: 4,420

Product metrics

Currently, we are live with these six products - neetoChat, neetoDesk, neetoKB, neetoForm, neetoInvoice & neetoCal.

Here are some high-level metrics for these products. All the data is for October 2023. This data excludes the records created by people working at the company.

  • Number of new organizations created in the last month: 98 (up 15%)
  • Number of form submissions in the neetoForm: 310 (up 174%)
  • Number of invoices generated in neetoInvoice: 35 (up 20%)
  • Number of chat conversations generated in neetoChat: 20 (up 81%)
  • Number of chat messages generated in neetoChat: 124 (up 148%)
  • Number of tickets created in neetoDesk: 435 (down 43.5%)
  • Number of new articles created in neetoKB: 306 (up 19%)
  • Number of new meeting links created in neetoCal: 51 (down 8.9%)
  • Number of meetings booked using neetoCal: 593 (up 73%)

Payment metrics

The total payment units(across all currencies) collected using neetoCal was 20,186.75. Here is the breakdown.

  • 143.75 EUR
  • 19,898.00 GBP
  • 145.00 USD

The total payment collected using neetoForm was 99.00 INR.

INR is the currency of India & GBP is the currency of England.


We earned zero revenue in October 2023.

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming months!

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