neetoCRM got capturing leads, bulk action, lead import, task summary and technical improvements

Neeraj Singh

By Neeraj Singh

on May 11, 2023

neetoCRM is a customer relationship management software to help you manage your customers. neetoCRM will provide you with the necessary features to capture leads, do the necessary follow-ups, and communicate with your customers. Here are some of the new features, enhancements, and optimizations which were recently launched.

1. Capturing leads with neetoForm

Capturing leads into CRM is one of the essential features of CRM. By enabling neetoCRM integration in neetoForm, you can create a form and place it on your website or social media. Any inquiry on your form will generate a lead in neetoCRM.

Capturing leads into neetoCRM

After the integration with neetoForm, when a submission comes, then a lead is automatically created in neetoCRM.

Capturing leads in neetoCRM

Learn more about capturing leads in neetoCRM.

2. Bulk actions on leads

It can be tedious to perform the same action on various leads repeatedly. Hence, neetoCRM has added the ability to perform bulk actions on leads, such as updating ownership, adding tags, leads deletion, leads conversion, etc.

neetoCRM has added the ability to perform bulk actions on leads

3. Lead Import

It is time-consuming to create leads from an existing set of data. neetoCRM now supports lead import functionality from CSV or Excel files. The leads import feature allows you to detect duplicate leads in the uploaded file. Based on that, you can take specific action to merge, skip or create duplicate leads.

The leads import feature

All leads table

Detect duplicate leads

4. New leads and deals

With so many leads and deals in CRM, it sometimes becomes challenging to identify leads or deals for which no actions or communications have been performed. With the new leads and deals feature, a "new" label will be present alongside the lead or deal on the list page.

New leads and deals

Learn more about new leads in neetoCRM.

5. Task Summary

Before, viewing all the details or summaries of tasks in neetoCRM was impossible. A new pane has been added that allows users to see the task details and edit the task if needed.

Task Details

6. Migration to React Query

neetoCRM has transitioned its entire user interface to utilize react-query, which has resulted in many advantages. Several of these benefits are outlined below.

  • Eliminates the need to write repetitive code.
  • Increased application speed and performance.
  • Renders cached data while the fresh data is being fetched.

7. Separate URLs for the different views

We have default views for leads, deals such as all leads, open leads etc. Initially, the URL used to be the same for all default views. This created an issue if we wanted to return to the latest view. neetoCRM now has separate URLs for different views. Also, neetoCRM stores the current view URL in the browser's local storage. So if you are moving from deals to leads, the latest lead view would be fetched from local storage.

![Separate URLs for the different views](/images/blog/neetocrm/neetocrm-got-capturing-leads-bulk/different-views .gif)

8. Sanitize data for Excel import

There can be HTML elements present in an Excel file which can cause issues during leads and contacts creation through import. neetoCRM now sanitizes the Excel file data. We are using strip_tags for sanitization.

neetoCRM has not been launched for everyone yet. If you want to give it a try, then please send an email to [email protected]. neeto has many other products for you to check out.

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