neetoMonitor got bulk creation and status page enhancements

Neeraj Singh

By Neeraj Singh

on May 26, 2023

neetoMonitor keeps track of the performance and availability of your various services, including websites, APIs, and corn jobs. Although it's still in its early stages, neetoMonitor already has some exciting updates in the works.

1. Bulk creation of monitors

We have a Ruby gem that helps us to set up neetoMonitor for Rails applications easily. The gem is used for sending events to the neetoMonitor from host applications. While setting up neetoMonitor for all neeto products, we realized adding monitors one by one was time taking and redundant. Hence, we added the support for creating monitors in bulk in the gem.

We've made adding monitors in bulk pretty simple. You need to add the neetomonitor.yml config file to the application's config directory. Here is a sample config file.

1  api_key: [API_KEY]
2  monitors:
3    checks:
4      - name: "neeto-testify"
5        request_attributes:
6          endpoint: "http://app.neetotestify.test/health_check/"
7          kind: "http"
8          verb: "get"
9          interval: 10
10          timeout: 20
11        assertions_attributes:
12          - kind: "response_code"
13            verb: "equal"
14            value: 200
15    jobs:
16      - name: "neeto-mail-schedular"
17        assertions_attributes:
18        - kind: max_duration
19          verb: less_than
20          value: 10
21      - name: "hard-job",
22        schedule: "* * * * *"
23    heartbeats:
24      - name: "neeto-heartbeat"
25        schedule: "* * * * *"

2. Incidents

Whenever neetoMonitor detects downtime, it automatically generates an incident. However, we've now included the option to manually create incidents. This new feature can come in handy when we need to intentionally shut down a service, such as during maintenance mode. Additionally, we've added an incident status update feature, allowing for easier tracking and management of incidents.

Add Incident


3. Status page enhancements

Previously, our status pages only displayed information regarding uptime and performance metrics. However, we've now added a new feature that allows active incidents to be displayed on the status page. Additionally, we've created a dedicated page that showcases past incidents and provides a timeline of incident history for easier tracking and reference.

active incidents to be displayed on the status page

4. Status page optimization

In the past, the status page occasionally timed out while attempting to fetch uptime and performance metrics. However, we've significantly improved the total response time of these metric calculations. To achieve this, we implemented two major changes. First, we replaced the metrics calculation logic that relied on invoking incidents. Second, instead of using a ruby script for metrics calculation, we now utilize database raw SQL queries to fetch the data. These changes have helped improve our metrics calculations' overall performance and reliability.

5. Bug Fixes

neetoMonitor is still in its initial phase, so we found some bugs that had to be fixed.

  • Duplicate heartbeat events creation
  • Incorrect invocation verification time for cron jobs and heartbeats
  • Multiple recovery alerts sent

neetoMonitor has not been launched for everyone yet. If you want to give it a try, then please send an email to [email protected]. neeto has many other products for you to check out.

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