neeto Marketing Updates for November

T Sudish Nair

By T Sudish Nair

on December 1, 2023

In November, neeto continued focusing on increasing brand visibility and user engagement. In our marketing updates, we will provide an overview of the marketing initiatives undertaken during November, along with some key metrics and highlights. Let's dive in!

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neeto is all about getting things done

neeto getting things done

Recently we made changes to our neeto website. We made a minor change. Here is the before and after version. Before version After version

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neetoCRM got task calendar view, autofill new lead, inactive days configuration, won-lost deal and task notifications

neetoCRM got task calendar view

neetoCRM is a customer relationship management software by neeto. Since the last edition was published, our primary focus has been adding new features. We made several changes and introduced exciting features. Let’s jump in and see the new features. You can check out the previous edition

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Optimizing Mental Health Care: The Crucial Role of Scheduling Software

Optimizing Mental Health Care

In the evolving landscape of mental health care, therapists and therapy firms are increasingly turning to technology to simplify the way they manage their practices. At the forefront of this transformation is scheduling software—a versatile tool that has the potential to not only streamline administrative tasks but also impact the quality of care provid…

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Here are some stats from our blogs

  • Total blog subscribers: 131
  • Number of new subscribers added in the last month: 6 (up 4%)
  • Total views on different blogs in the last month: 954 (down 18%)

LinkedIn updates

  • Total number of followers on LinkedIn: 494
  • New followers added in the last month: 13 (up 2.7%)
  • Number of page views in the last month: 425 (down 32%)
  • Unique Visitors in the last month: 160 (down 25%)

Youtube channel metrics

  • Total number of subscribers: 37
  • New followers added in the last month: 8 (up 27%)
  • Total number of channel views in the last month: 239 (up 30%)
  • Total number of watch hours in the last month: 3.8 hours ( down 15%)

Website metrics

Total number of page views: 4,923

Product metrics

Currently, we are live with these six products - neetoChat, neetoDesk, neetoKB, neetoForm, neetoInvoice & neetoCal.

Here are some high-level metrics for these products. All the data is for November 2023. This data excludes the records created by people working at the company.

  • Number of new organizations created in the last month: 66 (down 32%)
  • Number of form submissions in the neetoForm: 161 (down 48%)
  • Number of invoices generated in neetoInvoice: 40 (up 14%)
  • Number of chat conversations generated in neetoChat: 15 (down 25%)
  • Number of chat messages generated in neetoChat: 126 (up 1.6%)
  • Number of tickets created in neetoDesk: 450 (up 3.4%)
  • Number of new articles created in neetoKB: 196 (down 35%)
  • Number of new meeting links created in neetoCal: 53 (up 4%)
  • Number of meetings booked using neetoCal: 753 (up 33%)

Payment metrics

The total payment units(across all currencies) collected using neetoCal was 27,226.70. Here is the breakdown.

  • 411.50 EUR
  • 26,549.20 GBP
  • 266.00 USD

The total payment collected using neetoInvoice was 3792.40 USD.


We earned zero revenue in November 2023.

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming months!

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