Support Across Different Channels

neetoDesk allows you to receive and create support tickets from various sources, such as email, chat(neetoChat), web forms, and within neetoDesk UI. This multi-channel support enables customers to reach out using their preferred method of communication, and the support team can respond and track all requests in neetoDesk itself. By offering multiple channels for ticket creation, you can improve customer satisfaction, increase the volume of support requests, and ensure that all customer inquiries are addressed promptly.


How does Twitter as a support channel work?

neetoDesk support monitors the connected Twitter accounts and converts tweets to tickets as needed. Once a tweet becomes a ticket, it behaves like any other ticket in neetoDesk Support. You can add a Twitter account to your neetoDesk account so that Tweets become tickets, and your agents can see and respond to these tickets, just like any other ticket.

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