Custom Ticket Fields

You can leverage custom ticket fields to collect more information about the incident or the customer. These additional fields can be added to a support ticket or request form to capture more specific details from customers.


Can I create custom ticket fields for agents and customers separately?

Yes, neetoDesk allows you to create custom ticket fields specific to agents or customers. While creating the ticket fields, you have the option to configure them if you want these fields to be just used by your agents, such as a field to record internal notes or resolution status, or if you want them to be shown to the customer to capture certain values such as to capture the payment id, account details, etc.

What are the different types of fields that can be created?

Depending on the information you need to collect, you can use the following field types: text, number, checkbox, dropdown, date, and regex. By using these custom ticket field types, you can collect a wide range of information from customers and tailor your support process to best meet their needs.

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