Ticket Routing

Ticket routing is a function that automatically assigns tickets to the appropriate agent or team according to specific criteria. This feature ensures that the most qualified agent or team addresses customer inquiries promptly and efficiently.


How can I set up ticket routing in neetoDesk?

To set up ticket routing in neetoDesk, you must create rules or criteria determining how incoming customer inquiries are assigned to specific support team members or groups. This can typically be done using the automation rules, where you can specify the condition based on which the tickets get assigned to a particular group or agent.

What types of criteria can be used for ticket routing?

Depending on your use case, different criteria can be used for ticket routing, including priority, status, mailbox, ticket creation mode, ticket duration, the support team member's area of expertise, etc. This way, ticket routing can help with workload management by distributing incoming customer inquiries to the correct support team members.

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