neetoForm got themes, customizable closed message, zapier integration, editable form link and more

Neeraj Singh

By Neeraj Singh

on August 4, 2023

neetoForm makes it easy to build forms without knowing any fancy coding stuff. You can use neetoForm to create surveys, registrations, feedback forms, etc. In the last edition we mentioned that neetoForm got conditional logic, stripe payment, webhooks, IP restrictions and more.

In this edition, we have some new features and enhancements. Let’s jump in.

1. New themes

We believe that design should never be a barrier to expressing your creativity. That's why we've added five stunning new system themes for your forms.

Applying these themes to your forms is a breeze. Simply head over to the design section, and apply the theme of your choice, you can give your forms a whole new look that will captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression. You can clone and modify these themes to suit your preferences.

Try our new system themes today and let your creativity soar!

Learn more about themes in neetoForm →

2. Customizable form closed message

Previously, when the form was closed, the message shown was fixed and it couldn’t be changed. Now we've added a new option to personalize the form closed message.

Under the Form Span section in the Configure tab, you can now find the customizable form closed message setting. This allows you to craft a closing message that aligns with your brand's voice and conveys the desired message to your audience.

3. Payments

In the past if a form accepts payments and if the payment fails for some reason then the whole form submission was not recorded.With our latest update, we now accept partial form submissions, even if the payment is unsuccessful. This means that submission data will be stored regardless of the payment status. In case of a payment failure, the form submitted will receive an email notification and will have the option to complete the payment at a later time. This ensures that no valuable submission data is lost and allows for more flexibility in the payment process.

To further streamline payment management, we're thrilled to introduce our new Payment Dashboard. This centralized hub provides a comprehensive view of successful, failed, and pending payments. With just a glance, you can easily track and manage the payment status of each submission, ensuring efficient processing and follow-up.

4. Zapier Integration

neetoForm now integrates with Zapier, giving you the ability to automate your form submissions. With this integration, you can connect neetoForm to various popular applications and services, enabling you to automate tasks such as sending form responses to Google Sheets, creating Trello cards from form submissions, or even generating new leads in your CRM system. Streamline your workflows and enjoy the convenience with neetoForm and Zapier.

Learn more about Zapier integration in neetoForm →

Now, you have the flexibility to customize the links of your forms. Say farewell to generic links and embrace the power of personalized form links. For instance, instead of a standard form link like "" you can now create a more memorable and meaningful link like "".

neetoForm is available for everyone to use. Give it a try, and let us know what you think. neeto has many other products for you to check out.

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