Monitor uptime and performance of your apps


Monitor website and API's uptime and average response time.


Monitor cron and background job success rate and performance.


Monitor health of your infrastructure with simple heartbeat.

Status Pages

Create internal or public status pages to convey service reliability.


Receive alerts on all your preferred channels when something goes wrong.

Incidents Management

Manage incidents effectively to communicate latest service status.


Monitor applications in different environments for better failure detection.

Alert Receivers

Create alert receivers to group the alert channels for specific alerts.

Slack Integration

Get alerts notifications quickly on slack.


Add tags to your monitors for better management.

End to End Encryption

The full application runs on SSL end to end ensuring that your data is safe and secure.

Google Sign In

Force all your team members to login using google and make your organization more secure.

Verify OTP Every Time

Security is further strengthened by asking users to enter OTP every time they login.

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