Introducing neeto's New YouTube Series- neeto Design Decisions

T Sudish Nair

By T Sudish Nair

on October 16, 2023

We're thrilled to announce the launch of a new series on YouTube called neeto Design Decisions.

At neeto, we are building many products, and each product presents its own design challenges. Upon discovering the issue, we discuss it internally and come to a solution. During the discussions, we look at various trade-offs, ask folks what they think about it, and we make a call. Sometimes, we make a good call, and sometimes, our calls are wrong, and we need to start from the drawing board to solve the problem.

So far, all that goes into making the decision is unknown to the folks outside of neeto. With this new series, others would get to see how we make "design decisions". Hence, the name of the series is "neeto design decisions".

We want to mention that we are very much inspired by the Live design review video by Jason Fried. Inspired by videos like that, we are sharing how design decisions are made at neeto.

Episode 1: Ability to easily identify the status of a ticket

In our first episode, we would look at the pain points we had with displaying the status of the ticket in neetodesk and how we solved it.

No design decision is perfect. If you have any thoughts on it or if you have a different take on the matter then please share your thoughts in comments. If you liked this episode, then please subscribe to this blog.

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