neetoCal has multiple calendar support, slack integration and discount code

Neeraj Singh

By Neeraj Singh

on May 18, 2023

neetoCal helps you schedule and manage meetings. Here are some of the new features, enhancements, and optimizations which were recently implemented.

1. Multiple calendar support

This feature allows you to easily manage your schedule by adding and syncing multiple calendars to your neetoCal account. With this feature, neetoCal checks availability in all your calendars before showing available slots.

Multiple calendar support

Learn more about multiple calendars support in neetoCal.

2. Slack integration

We have added the ability to integrate Slack to neetoCal. This new feature lets you receive real-time notifications in your Slack channel whenever someone books, reschedules, or cancels a meeting. If you enable online payment, you will know when a payment is made.

Slack integration

Learn more about Slack integration in neetoCal.

3. Discount codes

If you have enabled online payment, you can now create discount codes for those payments. Create unique discount codes that can be shared with your customers. By sharing these codes, your customers will receive a discount on bookings. You can configure either the discount amount or percentage and the expiry.

Discount codes

Learn more about discount codes in neetoCal.

4. Revamped meetings builder UI

We have recently revamped the Meetings Builder UI. This update features a modernized and user-friendly interface that enhances the user experience and simplifies creating meetings.

Meetings Builder UI

5. Improved payment flow

We've enhanced the security of payments and optimized and improved the overall flow of the payments system. We've optimized the payment system to reduce the processing time, so you no longer need to keep the payment window open to process the payment. We've moved most of the payment processing workload to the backend, meaning your customers can complete their bookings more quickly and efficiently.

neetoCal is available for everyone to use. Give it a try, and let us know what you think. neeto has many other products for you to check out.

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