neeto Marketing Updates for June

T Sudish Nair

By T Sudish Nair

on July 2, 2023

In June, neeto continued its focus on increasing brand visibility and user engagement. In our marketing updates, we will provide an overview of the marketing initiatives undertaken during June, along with some key metrics and highlights. Let's dive in!

Latest on the blogs

We published some great, informative blog posts, which gave you a glimpse into what we are working on. In these blogs, we covered the products available for folks to use and some products still under development.

Here are some blogs we published in June:

  • neetoDeploy got database export, database metrics, multiple addons and CLI. Link
  • neetoCI got Rerun, CI job pages, Activity monitoring, scheduler and more. Link
  • How we standardized keyboard shortcuts in neeto. Link
  • neetoDeploy: Zero to One. Link

Here are some stats from our blogs

  • Total blog subscribers: 100
  • Number of new subscribers added in the last month: 2 (down 71% MoM)
  • Total views on different blogs in the last month: 883 (down 63% MoM)

LinkedIn updates

We have done great in the month of June on LinkedIn.

  • Number of followers on LinkedIn: 205
  • New followers added in the last month: 132 (up 175% MoM)
  • Total page views: 4,068 (up 449% MoM)
  • Unique Visitors: 1,281 (up 547% MoM)

Product metrics

Currently, we are live with these six products - neetoChat, neetoDesk, neetoKB, neetoForm, neetoInvoice & neetoCal.

Here are some high-level metrics for these products. All the data is for June 2023. This data excludes the records created by people working at the company.

  • Number of new organizations created in the last month: 57
  • Number of form submissions in the neetoForm: 29
  • Number of invoices generated in neetoInvoice: 28
  • Number of chat conversations generated in neetoChat: 16
  • Number of chat messages generated in neetoChat: 57
  • Number of tickets created in neetoDesk: 123
  • Number of new articles created in neetoKB: 177
  • Number of new meeting links created in neetoCal: 10
  • Number of meetings booked using neetoCal: 12


We earned zero revenue in June 2023.

In the month of June, we mainly focused on getting our presence on LinkedIn. With an increased focus on blogs, website enhancements, and growing our online presence, we are hopeful for continued growth and success. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming months!

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