neeto is all about getting things done

Neeraj Singh

By Neeraj Singh

on November 9, 2023

Recently we made changes to our neeto website. We made a minor change. Here is the before and after version.

Before version


After version


Previously, we highlighted that neeto is a "collection of software". Now, we highlight the tools we have for you to get things done.

It's a subtle change, but it's an important one.

No one is coming to neeto because we have many tools. People want to get their work done and move on. It just so happens that in the modern world, we have a lot of things to get done.

For these different things, people have to go to different places. It so happens that neeto offers various tools, so you don't have to go to various places. It's a nice convenience, but initially, the motivation for the folks is not that neeto does 20 things. Initially, people are focused on getting the task they have on their hands done quickly. Only later, when they start using more and more neeto products, will the fact that neeto offers many products be a great attraction.

If you have not given neeto a try, then it's good day to give it a try. As our updated website says, neeto is all about making it easier to get things done.

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