neetoSite got embed block, refined templates, icon picker component and more

Neeraj Singh

By Neeraj Singh

on September 28, 2023

neetoSite, is a website-building tool by neeto. Since the last edition was published, our primary focus has been enhancing the overall performance and user experience of neetoSite. We made several changes and introduced exciting features. Let’s jump in and see the new features. You can check out the previous editions(edition2, edition1).

1. New Embed Block

We encountered a challenge when it came to embedding external content within neetoSite. To address this, we developed a new Embed block. This versatile block allows users to effortlessly embed websites or other content within neetoSite.

Below is an example of using Embed block to embed neetoCal for scheduling meetings:

Additionally, we expanded the capabilities of hero and feature blocks, giving users the option to add images or videos. Currently, video support includes YouTube, Loom, and Vimeo, with plans to incorporate more providers in the future.

Embed block

Learn more about new Embed block →

2. Refined Templates

Recognizing the need for higher-quality templates, we refined our existing templates, making them more elegant and appealing. Our initial selection includes three templates: Yoga studio, Personal portfolio, and Document signer websites.

Here's a preview of our new Yoga studio template:

Yoga studio template

3. Iconpicker Component

We introduced a new iconpicker component to address the limitations of our existing neetoIcons library, particularly the absence of many social media icons. For this, we integrated the remixicons library and handpicked all the social icons. Users now have the flexibility to choose between filled and outlined icons, providing greater customization options.

Iconpicker component

Learn more about Iconpicker component →

4. BigBinary Academy Homepage

A significant milestone was reached as neetoSite powered the entire BigBinary Academy homepage. It’s heartwarming to see that all the hard work towards building neetoSite is actually being used.

5. Upgrade to React18

We've upgraded neetoSite from React 17 to React 18. This upgrade has significantly improved neetoSite's performance and introduced new features, including automatic batching, start transition, and suspense.

6. Misc

In addition to the above highlights, we've implemented several other improvements:

  1. Revamped the global theme, default blocks, and block properties UI.
  2. Refactored the site builder's header to show the name of the website's publisher.
  3. Addressed lingering bugs in the application.

neetoSite has not been launched for everyone yet. If you want to give it a try, then please send an email to [email protected]. neeto has many other products for you to check out.

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