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NeetoRecord is a screen and webcam recording tool that helps you avoid unnecessary meetings. You can easily record your screen to create software demos, presentations, tutorials, feedback and more. This means you spend less time in meetings and more time getting work done efficiently. Try NeetoRecord and simplify how you work.

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Record using Chrome extension & share instant link

Experience smooth video recording with NeetoRecord's Chrome extension. Once recorded, instantly generate a shareable link and reach your audience quickly.

Supporting webcam recording

With NeetoRecord, you can also record using your webcam. Whether you're delivering a presentation, recording a demo or simply adding a personal touch to your content.

Automatic title generation & transcript

NeetoRecord automatically generates titles for your recorded videos based on the content or context of the recording and each recording comes with a transcript, making it easy to refer back to what was said in your recordings.

Seamless video embedding

Embed your recorded content directly onto your webpages for a seamless viewing experience and allow your audience to access your videos without leaving your site.



Neeto is building 20+ products simultaneously. Some of these products have built-in marketing, so for these products, our pricing is quite generous. Since Neeto offers many products, we use some of our products as a gateway to other Neeto products.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I record my webcam alongside my screen with NeetoRecord?

Yes, absolutely! NeetoRecord allows you to record using your webcam in addition to capturing your screen. This feature enables you to add a personal touch to your recordings, making them more engaging and interactive.

How does the floating meeting control work in NeetoRecord?

Floating meeting control feature in NeetoRecord ensures that recording controls remain accessible and visible on the recording page itself, eliminating the need for tab switching. This means you can start, pause, or stop recordings without navigating away from your current screen, enhancing workflow efficiency.

How does NeetoRecord generate titles for recorded videos?

NeetoRecord uses advanced algorithms to analyze the content or context of your recordings and automatically generates titles based on that information. This helps in quickly identifying the subject or topic of each video without manual input.

How can I share my recorded videos with others?

NeetoRecord makes sharing easy. After recording, simply use the instant link generated by NeetoRecord to share your video with anyone you choose.

Is NeetoRecord compatible with Chrome?

Yes, NeetoRecord offers a Chrome extension for seamless and rapid video recording. It's quick to install and completely free to use.

Can I download my recorded videos?

Yes, you can download your recorded videos at any time. NeetoRecord allows you to download your videos conveniently, maintaining the highest video quality.

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