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NeetoCal is scheduling software that saves you time by removing the hassle of booking meetings.  You can use NeetoCal to schedule appointments, meetings, interviews, demos, presentations, etc.

Why choose NeetoCal?

Simple Setup

Getting started with NeetoCal is super easy. Connect your calendar, set up your availability, and you are done. Now, share your link to book meetings.

You control your availability

With NeetoCal you are in charge of your time. Change availability with a click to manage when you are available or not. You can also set limits and buffer time to ensure you are available when you want to be.

Recurring Meeting

Therapy sessions, Guitar lessons, and Yoga sessions tend to repeat week after week. NeetoCal allows your customers to book recurring meetings. Customers choose how many recurring sessions they need, and their credit card is charged only a few days before the actual meeting.

Accept Payments ahead of session

With NeetoCal, you can collect payment before the meeting can be booked. You can also have a custom cancellation policy, giving you full control over refunds.

Avoid no shows with Automated Reminders

NeetoCal eliminates the risk of no-shows by sending automated reminders to you and your customers via email or SMS. Support for WhatsApp is coming soon.

Easy Cancellation & Rescheduling

Things happen in life, and plans change. With NeetoCal, both you and your customer can cancel or reschedule meetings with just one click.

Automatic Split Payment

If you run a two-sided marketplace, you will love NeetoCal's split payment feature. It allows you to split the customer's payment between the company and the service provider, eliminating all the hassles related to making payment to the service provider at the end of the month.



Neeto is building 20+ products simultaneously. Some of these products have built-in marketing, so for these products, our pricing is quite generous. Since Neeto offers many products, we use some of our products as a gateway to other Neeto products.

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Mobile Apps

Quickly share meeting links, get notifications for new, cancelled and rescheduled meetings, and view your upcoming schedule on the-go.

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What people say

NeetoCal simplifies appointment management for therapists and clients, while integrated features streamline our workflow and enhance counseling services.

Dr. Anne Sophie Bammens
Counselling Psychologist

Neat, simple and fairly priced!

You've added round robin scheduling to the basic plan as well and it works smoothly.

Navaneeth PK
Founder, ToolJet

NeetoCal in comparison has all their features and is free! I can't think of any reason to use any other calendaring tool at this point.

Jasim A Basheer

Frequently asked questions

How does NeetoCal help with scheduling meetings?

NeetoCal provides an easy-to-use interface that allows you to schedule meetings effortlessly by sharing your availability and letting others book slots ensuring a time that works for both the parties.

Can NeetoCal integrate with other calendar apps?

Yes, NeetoCal seamlessly integrates with popular calendar apps like Google Calendar, allowing you to sync your schedules and avoid conflicts.

Can I accept payments for meetings or appointments through NeetoCal?

Yes, NeetoCal provides integration with payment gateways like Stripe, allowing you to accept payments during the booking process and streamline your financial transactions.

Does NeetoCal offer automated reminders for scheduled meetings?

Absolutely! NeetoCal sends automated reminders to all participants before the scheduled meetings, reducing the chances of no-shows and ensuring everyone is well-prepared.

Is NeetoCal accessible on mobile devices?

NeetoCal offers a mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, enabling you to manage and access your scheduled meetings on the go.

Does NeetoCal support different time zones?

NeetoCal automatically detects time zones for all participants and adjusts meeting timings accordingly, ensuring a seamless scheduling experience for global teams.

Can I create different event types with unique durations in NeetoCal?

Yes, NeetoCal offers the flexibility to create multiple event types with specific durations and settings, catering to different types of meetings or appointments.

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