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neeto weekend readings - 22 December 2021 :)

Karthik MenonBy Karthik Menon 0 on December 11, 20214 minutes read

Tiger Global: How to Win
Every business has its own flair for doing things. However, some businesses do things so differently that they make up sit up and notice them. Tiger Global is one of them. They are shaking up the whole VC market. If you want more stuff to read about Tiger Global and then go for Playing different games.

The Code That Controls Your Money
This article is about how billions of lines of COBOL code are running the financial institutions of the USA. I worked on COBOL for 3.5 years after joining Infosys for the Y2K project. Everything the article says is true. The subroutine and GOTO statements make it really hard to logic about the code. Also, see Go TO Statement Considered Harmful by Dijkstra.

Is China's catch-up growth over?
The author makes a case that beyond a certain point having high growth is not that easy. Just the capital injection won't do the job.

Human History Gets a Rewrite
"Debt: The first 5,000 years" is still in my reading list. I'm very sorry to hear passing away of its author.

Let’s Talk about Ghastly Dishwashers
Regulations matter and this article shine light on how regulations are impacting dishwashers.

Is Crypto Bullshit?
Personally, as I read more and more about crypto I'm changing my views about it. Now you can put me in the column of "yes it is bullshit". But this is not about my personal views. Give it a read and make your own opinion.

The Bitcoin Paradox
Anything that smells like money is and will always be a political issue.

All Revenue is Not Created Equal: The Keys to the 10X Revenue Club
This is a well-written and balanced article.
Bill Gurley is one of the smartest VCs around. If you are curious then watch some of his interviews in youtube.

What Impossible Meant to Richard Feynman
Paul challenged Richard Feynman on something Feynman thought it was impossible. A very interesting read.

NFT’ named top word of the year by the dictionary publisher Collins

The Reading Obsession
I'm glad that the author took time to write it. I've read enough about Warren Buffett that I also get annoyed everytime I read that he just sits and reads all day. The thing to note is that how in 1991 in Bill Gate's mind Kodak was a "toast".

Buy the Constitution’ Aftermath: Everyone Very Mad, Confused, Losing Lots of Money, Fighting, Crying, Etc
The punch line is that about half of the people who donated money to ConstituationalDAO are going to lose money when the money is refunded to them because of the high gas fee. I have serious reservations about a platform where the transaction cost is so high is going to power Web3.

Stytch: Kill the Password
I agree. Passwords are cumbersome. We are getting rid of it in neeto.

It must be worth it even if it doesn't work
I'll take a step further and would say that it has to be worth it even if it does work. A success can temporarily give you a jolt to keep going. If the work is intrinsically not fulfilling then the outcome is not going to keep you interested for long.

How Elon Musk Convinced Gwynne Shotwell to Join SpaceX
Sometimes one does not know at the time of hiring a person that how important and vital that person would become to the company later.

Valuation in Four Lessons | Aswath Damodaran | Talks at Google
Aswath Damodaran is widely acknowledged as the person who took the mystery out of the logic of valuing a company. In this talk he discusses some of his strategies.



Why did America have a 25 hour day?
Day light savings idea is something that always vigorous debate  from all the parties.

What Makes People Engage With Math | Grant Sanderson | TEDxBerkeley
Grant of 3Blue1Brown made a dazzling presentation.
How I Deal With Kids Playing in My Driveway | The Saga of My Driveway Racetrack
This is a great example how a person turned an otherwise ordinary situation into an extraordinary thing.

Instagram has largely replaced TikTok in India, and erased working-class creators

If your startup work day feels like this you’re doing it right