Update submission data

No need to import your data in google sheet or excel. Organize your submission data by adding new columns using neetoForm's ready-made custom fields like text fields, drop-down menus, or date pickers. Choose the custom field that suits your needs and manage your submissions.

Update submission data

What advantages does neetoForm offer over traditional import methods?

neetoForm eliminates the need for imports and streamlines the process of updating and organizing your submissions. By allowing you to add new columns and choose from ready-made custom fields, neetoForm provides a convenient way to manage your data without the hassle of importing files.

Can I customize the fields in neetoForm to match my specific needs?

Yes, neetoForm offers a range of ready-made custom fields that you can choose from to tailor your submissions. Whether you need text fields, drop-down menus, or date pickers, you can select the fields that best suit your requirements and efficiently organize your data.

Is neetoForm suitable for both small and large datasets?

Absolutely! neetoForm is designed to accommodate datasets of all sizes. Whether you're managing a small collection of submissions or handling large volumes of data, neetoForm's ability to add custom columns and utilize pre-made fields makes it a versatile solution for organizing your data effectively.

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