Expense Tracking

NeetoInvoice makes tracking expenses simple. You can easily add and categorize expenses, including the date, description, and amount. You can also upload receipts or important documents as images or PDF files. The Expense Tracking feature smoothly integrates with the Invoicing feature, so you can link expenses to clients for reimbursement or include them in client invoices. This keeps you organized and everything in one place.

Expense Tracking

Can I customize expense categories in NeetoInvoice?

Absolutely! NeetoInvoice allows you to create custom expense categories to suit your specific business needs.

Can I link expenses to specific projects or clients in NeetoInvoice?

Yes, the expense tracking feature seamlessly integrates with the invoicing feature in NeetoInvoice, allowing you to link expenses to specific projects or clients for better expense management and tracking.

Can I attach receipts or supporting documents to my expenses in NeetoInvoice?

Yes, NeetoInvoice allows you to attach receipts or supporting documents by uploading images or PDF files directly within the platform. This ensures that all relevant documentation is stored in one place.

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