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Status tracking

Keeps users updated on issue progress, avoiding duplicate work and improving task management by linking issue statuses with pull requests

Auto close stale pull requests

You can close stale pull requests that have been open for more than the configured time without being merged.

Track check failures

Allows you to receive targeted notifications by specifying check names.


NeetoGit offers both prebuilt and custom workflows to enhance your GitHub experience.

Easy to use shortcuts

This helps you improve your efficiency by providing easy-to-use shortcuts for seamless execution of your daily GitHub tasks.

Google sign in

Google Sign-in on NeetoGit offers a convenient and secure way to access and manage your videos.

Email verification using OTP

Secure your NeetoGit account with OTP verification. Enter the unique password sent to your email for enhanced security.

SSL encryption

SSL encryption ensures data security and privacy, limiting access to intended users only.



Neeto is building 20+ products simultaneously. Some of these products have built-in marketing, so for these products, our pricing is quite generous. Since Neeto offers many products, we use some of our products as a gateway to other Neeto products.

Pricing Philosophy

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