neetoGit offers both prebuilt and custom workflows to enhance your GitHub experience. Prebuilt Workflows automate tasks like merging Dependabot-generated PRs, assigning reviewers, and closing stale PRs. Teams can also create custom workflows for tasks such as automatically merging PRs with specific labels and assigning labels or authors based on conditions. This combination ensures maximum efficiency and flexibility in managing your GitHub projects.


Is there any limit of custom workflows that can be created?

No, there is no limit of custom workflows that you can create in neetoGit. Depending on your requirement you can create any number of custom workflows and automate your process.

What are the different prebuilt workflows available?

With neetoGit's prebuilt workflow, automation becomes effortless. Tasks such as assigning a label when an issue is opened or closed by a specific user, labeling an issue upon PR creation, closing stale pull requests, adding comments on CI check failures, and much more can be automated, streamlining your GitHub processes.

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