Payment Splitting

Payment Splitting feature in neetoCal simplifies sharing payments when you have a team or multiple providers. You can set custom rules to divide payments based on percentages or fixed amounts. When clients book appointments, the system automatically splits the payment and sends everyone their share. It's an easy way to manage shared revenue among your team or providers.

Payment Splitting

Can I change the payment splitting rules for different services or appointments?

Yes, neetoCal provides flexibility in setting up payment splitting rules based on the specific services or appointment types you offer. You can configure different splitting rules for different services, enabling you to tailor revenue distribution according to your business.

How are payments processed with Payment Splitting?

When a client books an meeting or appointment and makes a payment through your neetoCal booking page, neetoCal automatically splits the payment based on the defined rules. The system processes the transaction, deducts the relevant portions for each recipient, and transfers the allocated amounts to their respective Stripe accounts securely.

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