Automation Rules

Automation Rules feature in neetoDesk empowers businesses to automate routine tasks and streamline workflows by defining custom rules that automatically trigger actions based on specific conditions. This feature enables support teams to optimize their processes, improve response times, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

Automation Rules

How can I ensure the newly created automation rule is working as expected?

neetoDesk allows you to preview the matching ticket list, which gets affected based on the rule you created. This will help you ensure that the newly created automation rule involves the correct set of tickets and that the rule is working properly as expected.

Is it possible to disable a rule if it's not needed?

Yes, it's possible to disable the rules, as at times, depending on certain scenarios, you might not want to trigger a particular set of rules on the tickets that are there. In such cases, instead of deleting or updating the rule, you can disable those rules and later enable them when required.

Can I track the changes one has made in a particular automation rule?

Every automation rule comes with an audit log to help you easily track changes, giving you the details of when the change was made and who updated the rule.

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