Collision Detection

Collision detection feature in neetoDesk alerts agents when someone else is already responding to a specific customer ticket. When multiple agents start working on the same ticket simultaneously, there's a risk of conflicting responses or actions. The collision detection feature solves this problem by alerting agents when someone else is already engaged with a particular ticket or responded to a ticket.

Collision Detection

Does collision detection work in real-time?

Collision detection operates in real-time. As soon as an agent responds to the ticket, the system checks if anyone else is also accessing the same ticket. If so, an alert is triggered to inform the other agent about the ongoing activity.

Why is collision detection important in customer support?

Collision detection is crucial in customer support because it helps avoid confusion and conflicting responses. When multiple agents work on the same ticket, it can lead to mixed messages for the customer. The feature ensures that agents collaborate effectively and provide consistent information.

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