Business Hours

Business hours feature in neetoDesk is designed to streamline customer support availability and communication. With this feature, businesses can define specific operating hours during which they are available to respond to customer inquiries. This ensures that customer expectations are managed effectively, and support teams are aligned with the company's operational schedule.

Business Hours

How do I set up business hours in neetoDesk?

Setting up business hours in neetoDesk is easy. You can specify the days and times your support team is available. This information is used to ensure that customer inquiries are addressed within the defined operating hours.

What happens to customer inquiries outside of business hours?

When customer contacts outside business hours, neetoDesk sends notifications to customers that their inquiries will be addressed during the next available support hours. This avoids confusion and sets realistic expectations.

Can I customize different business hours for different days?

Yes, you can customize business hours based on your company's schedule. You can define unique hours for each day of the week to accurately reflect when your support team is available.

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