neetoDesk's approvals feature enables the handling of approvals for specific types of support requests or actions. This feature can benefit organizations where specific support requests require approval before they can be acted upon, such as refund or software purchase requests or requests for access to sensitive systems or data. The manage approvals feature helps to ensure consistent and compliant processing of requests while providing a clear audit trail of the approval process. This can reduce the risk of errors or unauthorized actions and provide accountability for approvals.


Can approvals be delegated to peoples outside neetoDesk system?

Yes, you can request approvals from people who are not part of the neetoDesk system as such. You need to add them to the approvers' list and can send an approval request to them. These users are provided with a dashboard from where they can accept or reject the request.

How can the manage approvals feature improve compliance and reduce risk?

The manage approvals feature can improve compliance and reduce risk by ensuring that requests are processed in a consistent and compliant manner, and that the appropriate level of authority is applied to each request. This can help prevent unauthorized actions and reduce the risk of errors or non-compliance.

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