Omnichannel Support

NeetoDesk allows you to receive and create support tickets from various sources, such as email, chat(NeetoChat), web forms, and within NeetoDesk dashboard. This multi-channel support enables customers to reach out using their preferred method of communication, and the support team can respond and track all requests in NeetoDesk itself. By offering multiple channels for ticket creation, you can improve customer satisfaction, increase the volume of support requests, and ensure that all customer inquiries are addressed promptly.

Omnichannel Support

How does Omnichannel Support work for receiving tickets via Email?

With Omnichannel Support, emails sent by customers are automatically converted into support tickets within NeetoDesk. This integration streamlines the process, making sure no customer inquiry is missed and all communication is consolidated in one place.

Can I use Omnichannel Support to receive tickets from Web forms?

Absolutely, Omnichannel Support allows you to integrate web forms directly into NeetoDesk. When customers submit queries through these forms, they are instantly transformed into support tickets, ensuring efficient tracking and response.

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