Ticket Management

neetoDesk allows you to organize and manage all customers' tickets in one place. Working with tickets has been easier with customizable tags, categories, and options to set ticket status and priority. Additionally, neetoDesk's automated actions ensure you don't waste your time on monotonous tasks.

Ticket Management

Can I change the priority, status, and assignment of a ticket?

Absolutely. In neetoDesk you have full control over each ticket's priority, status, and assignment. You can adjust the priority based on the urgency of the issue, change the status to reflect its progress, and assign the ticket to different agents as needed. This flexibility ensures that tickets are handled efficiently and according to their specific requirements.

How does the ticket management feature help with organizing tickets?

neetoDesk provides tools to categorize, filter, and organize tickets based on various criteria such as urgency, customer type, or topic. This makes it easier for agents to access the right tickets, prioritize them effectively, and provide prompt responses.

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