Satisfaction Ratings

Receiving customer feedback after providing support is crucial for organizations seeking to improve. Satisfaction ratings allow organizations to gauge how satisfied their customers are with the support they receive. After resolving a support ticket, a survey is sent to the customer, asking them to rate the quality of the support they received.

Satisfaction Ratings

How is a satisfaction rating collected in neetoDesk?

A satisfaction rating is typically collected through an automated survey question sent to the customer after resolving their support ticket. Apart from rating, if comments are also enabled, it will allow your customers to give written feedback. This is collected after every support ticket is resolved to ensure that organizations receive regular feedback on the quality of their support services.

Can satisfaction ratings be used to measure the effectiveness of support agents' training?

Yes, satisfaction ratings can be used to measure the effectiveness of support agents' training. By analyzing the feedback provided by customers, organizations can identify areas where support agents may need additional training or support.

Can we create multiple surveys and enable them based on our different use cases?

Yes, you can create and customize multiple rating forms where you can enable and disable them depending on your use case.

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