Ticket Routing

Ticket Routing feature in neetoDesk is designed to intelligently distribute customer tickets among support agents. This ensures that each ticket is assigned to the most appropriate agent based on their expertise, workload, and availability. neetoDesk offers two effective routing options: Round-Robin Ticket Routing and Load-Balance Routing.

Ticket Routing

How can I set up ticket routing in neetoDesk?

To set up ticket routing in neetoDesk, you must create rules or criteria determining how incoming customer inquiries are assigned to specific support team members or groups. This can typically be done using the automation rules, where you can specify the condition based on which the tickets get assigned to a particular group or agent.

How does Round-Robin routing work?

In Round-Robin routing, tickets are assigned to agents in a cyclical order, ensuring that each agent receives an equal number of tickets over time.

What is Load-Balance routing?

Load-Balance Routing considers agents' current workloads and assigns tickets to those with lighter workloads, optimizing the distribution of complex and simple tickets.

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